The non-profit organization « Umoja ni nguvu » for the peaceful cohabitation between Twa and Bantou in Nyunzu in Tanganyika


Kalemie, April 5th, 2021 (CPA).- The provincial coordination of the non-profit association  » Umoja ni nguvu  » in Tanganyika on Friday sensitized its members on the peaceful cohabitation between the Twa and Bantu communities in Nyunzu, a locality, capital of the territory of the same name in the province of Tanganyika.

The Twa and Bantu peoples live with dagger drawn in the northern Lukuga sector where insecurity reigns following repeated clashes between young people from these two communities as well as those from the Mai-Mai armed groups « Malaika » and Apa Napale.

One of the members of the provincial coordination of Umoja ni nguvu, Nathan Morisho, took advantage of the meeting to sensitize the population of Nyunzu to respect for barrier measures against Covid-19. ACP/

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