The Head of State in the middle of a working session with the Special Envoy


Kinshasa, June 10th, (CPA).– Promote the strengthening of political confidence between the different countries of the Great Lakes Region, the effective fight in neutralizing the negative forces that are rife in the eastern part of DRC and the fight against illicit exploitation of its natural resources, are the main subjects that were examined during the exchanges that the President of the Republic, Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo had, on Thursday at the city of the African Union, with Mr. Huang Xia, Special Envoy of the United Nations General Secretary for the Great Lakes Region.

The management of the health crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic and how to ensure the role that civil society, women’s and youth associations must play in this crisis were also examined during this hearing, said the Haut United Nations official. Huang Xia, who was accompanied to the Head of State by Ms. Bintou Keita, special representative of the United Nations General Secretary in DRC.

Huang Xia said that he came to report to the Head of State on the results of the preliminary consultations of the mission entrusted to him by the United Nations SG, specifying that his meeting with the Head of State was ‘was part of this mission, through which a regional strategy was approved and shared with the signatory countries of the framework agreement and the members of the Security Council.

 An action plan is being developed to translate this regional strategy into concrete action, he stressed. ACP /J Lus

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