Shekina Yala warns of the Congolese cries of distress in her collection of poems « The memories of tears »


Kinshasa, April 19th, 2021 (CPA).- The poet Shekina Yala, alias Shek Daf, hosted a conference on Friday at Miezi publishing house, in Kasa-Vubu municipality, on his collection of poems entitled  » Memories of tears”, in which he alerts decision-makers to the Congolese cries of distress in the face of multiple violence across the country.

In her presentation, Shekina Yala said that this collection of poems focuses on tragic memories lived by the Congolese, including the atrocities in the eastern part of the Republic in order to attract more attention from the competent authorities and the International community.

This collection of 34 pages is subdivided into three parts according to the themes, namely: the first part which speaks on the cry, the second on shame as well as the third part which looks at the breath of the children of the Sun.

This conference took place within the framework of the literary meeting called « I say critical » organized by the Association of Young Writers of Congo (AJECO).

As a reminder, Shekina Yala is a young poet, which is her second collection, the first entitled « The fantasy » dedicated to her personal life.  

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